I am a former Associate Professor in Finance at the NUS Business School, specializing in applied finance, and board member of the Brandes Institute in the U.S. which supports research in value-based investing. I am currently a partner of RCF Capital, a financial consultancy specializing in portfolio analytics and research. Advising individuals on how to be good stewards of their money has been my life long passion, and is my motivation for this blog.  My other hobbies are travelling, art, music and Haiku poetry.

My books

The Lottery Mindset (Palgrave-Macmillan, 2014). A book that invokes behavioral finance insights to explain why individuals often buy overpriced stocks or follow misguided investment strategies to their detriment. Available at Amazon.com.

Personal Financial Planning, with Benedict Koh (Pearson, 2016). The first of a two-volume textbook on personal finance written in the Singapore context.

Personal Investment, with Benedict Koh (Pearson, 2016). Volume two.